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10 Business Naming Tips

Business names can make or break a start-up business. Finding the right name plays a significant role in your industry. A wrong word can push customers away and even lead to the business closeup before it even starts. The right name helps in marketing. Here are ten tips that will help you in naming your business:

What do you want your business name to convey?

Remember that your business name is part of your identity. The name you choose will appear on your logo, your business cards, and so on. Customers will use it to identify your products. It would be best to consider a name that will be easy for potential customers to associate with your business products and services.


After you’ve thought of what you want your business name to convey, you need to think of words that describe your business and your competitor’s business. It would be best if you thought of words that supersedes your competitor’s business name. Choose the best name out of all possibilities.

Keep the name short.

Choose a name that is short and simple. The name must be something your customers can easily pronounce, spell, and remember. It makes it easy for them to promote your business. Consider an acronym for your business name. Most customers might coin an acronym for your business. Ensure that it is not offensive.

Check Availability

Before finalizing on a business name, you need to be sure that the name is available. It will help if you run a series of Google searches to ensure another company isn’t using the name.

Describe your business without being generic

Using a non-generic business name would differentiate you from your competitors. Using a generic name won’t allow you to expand your motives. You get stuck at a point. It would be best if you had a non-generic name so you can explore your options.

Avoid slangs

It might be tempting to incorporate slang words into your business name to flow with the trends. It is not advisable. Slangs fades away and becomes outdated. Once it disappears, your business fades with it. If you want your business to last, avoid slang words.

Be creative

You can go outside the box and think of a unique name. It could be something personal. You have to make sure it also depicts the purpose of your business.

Be careful with geographical words.

Most people attach their location to their business names. It can only work well if you plan on focusing on that area alone. Please note that linking locations to your business name can hinder your progress. You might need to change the name if you plan to expand your horizons.

Family names and Domain name

Avoid using your family name or surname if it is not popular, except it has some affiliates with your business. Your domain name should match your business name closely. You have to search the online domain registrar for available domains. The best field to use is .com or If any of these are not available, choose another name but do not opt for lesser domains like .net, .me, .biz e.t.c. You don’t want to lose your customers.

Dilan Hanim

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