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5 UI and UX Trends to Watch in 2021

UI and UX design is a world that is full of competition. There is always a new UI or UX designer every day who aspires to be the best in the graphic design world. Due to the amount of competition, it’s important for us to always stay updated with the latest trend or possible trend. Behold, here are the 5 UI and UX trends graphic design agencies should follow up closely this year.

1. Contrast gradient

Remember when instagram changed their icon and it became a hot topic on Twitter? Instagram’s new icon is an example of contrast gradient. Contrast gradient is the combination of two vivid or bright colors that are in gradient mode.

If you think Instagram’s icon is bright, the past trending gradients were even more brighter. Experts predict that the colors used will be lower in shade, not as bright as the 2018 gradient trend (blue and purple).

2. Bright colors

Some designers tend to avoid bright colors because the way it pops can “hurt” the eyes sometimes. Fortunately, the “prejudice” against bright colors is no longer there because bright and vivid colors seem to be the next big thing.

Bright colors come into trend when big brands (such as Instagram) change their layout and icons with bright colors (even the chat bubble is in purple now!). It’s not a surprise, considering how bright colors can make a product memorable. It can also create a memorable ethereal design that can only be gotten easily from bright colors.

3. Personalization

The next big thing in EX design is personalization. It’s not the “next” thing, as personalization has already happened without us knowing it. The proof is how online shops tend to suggest products similar to the ones we’ve browsed. However, it seems that personalization will be given more attention this year.

Innovation in personalization is a welcomed concept, as this will allow the audience to feel closer to the software/application that is used, raising the chance of using the application more often.

4. 3D design

Yes, 3D design will be in the trend, again. 3D design never fails to stay relevant every year, and that is not without reason. The advance of technology help graphic design agencies to create powerful 3D works that never stop evolving. To make it even better, there is augmented reality and virtual reality now. With technology shifting toward 3D, it’s no wonder how 3D design will be getting yet another spotlight.

5. Full screen performance

The trend in technology demands devices to have wider high-quality screens.  UI and UX designers, it is important for us to design our works in such a way where the layout of the application, and visual design will look appealing ion full screen devices.

We can see that the trend is gearing toward bright and colorful layouts and more technological systems. No need to be anxious about the latest trend, because we know you can always conquer them just like how you always conquer the trend every year.

Which trend is your favorite?

Dave Castillo

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