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7 Aspiring Medical Start-ups To Follow

Acticor wants to cure strokes

Development of a flagship drug that targets acute ischemic stroke

Financing: After a new fundraising of €7 million last November, Acticor Biotech, created in 2013, acquired the startup AVCare, thuspropelling itself in a position to diagnose and treatstrokes.

Activity: The startup is now conducting clinical trialsin the United States, and announces that it will be able to develop within 18 months, a cure with proven effects on the treatment of ischemic stroke, a stroke caused by obstruction of an artery causing lack of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Alizé Pharma III, and hope for a cure for diabetes

Novel therapeutic remedies for rare endocrine and metabolic diseases

Financing: The startup raised €67 million in 2019 to finance an expansion of the team already established in Lyon while being able to create a new subsidiary in Boston.

Activity: The research undertaken by Alizé Pharma III is mainly focused on the fight against two diseases, including diabetes, and more precisely severe insulin resistance syndromes.

Biolog Id, a leader in blood products traceability

Financing: The young startup raised €30 million last November.

Activity: The main objective of Biolog Id is to position itself in the sector of traceability of sanitary products (and above all blood). This move can prove to be extremely beneficial since the company intends to strengthen patient safety, particularly in blood transfusions, a real public health issue. The startup has already registered more than 100 international patents, has more than 100 operational sites and is present in 14 countries.

ImCheck wants to beat cancers and immune system diseases

Financing: Last December, the startup announced a €48 million fundraiser, which should help it further study the potential of antibodies in the treatment of targeted diseases.

Activity: Created in 2015, the young sprout is the result of the work conducted by a researcher from the Paoli-Calmettes Institute in Marseille, Professor Daniel Olive. The startup is still in the clinical trials phase and is planning to introduce what it calls the ‘antibody pipeline’, which targets gamma delta T cells, in order to treat cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Inotrem wants to cure septic shock

Development of personalized immunotherapies

Financing: Inotrem raised two funds, €18 million in 2014 and €39 million at the end of last year.

Activity: This biotechnology startup was created in Nancy, France, in 2013, and is currently developing a remedy against septic shock, the leading cause of death in patients admitted to intensive care. The young company from Nancy must therefore continue to demonstrate the therapeutic effectiveness of its drug and define the patient typology that can benefit from it.

Dynacure wants to overcome myopathy

Development of treatments for rare diseases

Financing : In July 2018, the startup had already made headlines with a €47 million fundraiser, a record amount in the health sector, in order to conduct clinical trials of the treatments it is developing.

Activity: The young Alsatian company wants to overcome rare diseases such as myopathy by developing innovative treatments.

Enyo Pharma wants to cure hepatitis B

Development of molecules for incurable diseases

Financing:The startup Enyo Pharma has currently no source of revenue but is experiencing a technological breakthrough, a “revolution”. Since 2014, the startup has been funded by several fundraisers for a total amount of €62 million, a nice sum to advance research against incurable diseases.

Activity: Researchers within the company are in the third phase of their hepatitis B drug trials, which is expected to be tested within a year. Headquartered in Lyon, Enyo Pharma has already shown its willingness to internationalise by opening a subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia.

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