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8 People Whose Hardwork Turned Their Businesses Around. What They Did….

Entrepreneurship is not an easy feat; it takes determination, courage, and hard work. There are lots of people today who enter into a business and do not come out successful. Some end up losing all of the capital that was invested into the business; some are not able to market their products. 

Few individuals whose hard work have turned their businesses around are described below; 

Pierre Omidyar: Pierre can be described as a man who was focused; he knew what he wanted and made sure he tried his best to build up his business. He is a computer programmer who sells a lot of personal items that are no longer used by their owners on his website. The name of the site when he started was called AuctionWeb. He then upgraded his platform and started charging people a specific amount of money for the services rendered. Over the years, the website has grown and is today known as eBay. 

Phil Robertson: Phil had a special type of affection for ducks; he choose this over participating in football games with the rest of his colleagues. He created a company and named it Duck commander, and he put a lot of hard work into growing the company making sure that each staff is always carrying out their assigned tasks at all times. After some years, he handed the running of the company to his son Willy who also put in more work to the growth of the company. Today the company has expanded and is now known as Duck Dynasty.  

Konosuke Matsushita: He started as an apprentice with an electric light company. He did not attend school, but he was very knowledgeable in the aspect of electrical stuff. He later went ahead to produce many electrical appliances and opened up his electrical company, which is known today as Panasonic.  

Howard Schultz; Howard was a young man who worked in a coffee bean roaster company. He worked in the coffee shop with a lot of determination, but his employer was not interested in the business. His employer decided to support him financially and even sold their brand name Starbucks to him. Today Starbucks has grown into a big company and is known worldwide. 

Joe Coulombe: Joe is a business owner that owns lots of convenience stores scattered around the country. His stores are well stocked with wines, beers, and so on. He later went on to expand his business, which has generated a lot of revenue for him. 

Matt Maloney and Mike Evans: These two guys are software developers; they were not comfortable with the way it took long for their food delivery to come through, so they decided to start a website called GrubHub; this site is well known and is valued over $3 billion.  

John Ferotilo and Don Vultaggio: These two friends started with supplying beer using an old bus. After some years, when they saw that their product was moving in the market, they decided to start selling soft drinks, today their company is known as Arizona Green tea.  

Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is a very strong and courageous woman; she went through a lot of challenges as a young woman. Despite what she went through as a kid, she has managed to come out as a strong and successful businesswoman.  

Tomiko Otsuka

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