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Craig Ruiz

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4 Aspiring E-health Start-ups

Improving patient care journey, exchanges between healthcare professionals… Here are fourstart-ups that could promote the development of E-health and ultimately the efficiency of the health system. Medpics In 2015, Safia Slimani, an emergency physician, created Medpics. This tele-expertise application allows sharing photos taken by smartphone of clinical cases between healthcare professionals. With this offer, Safia […]Read More

Design Resources

Can I learn graphics design online?

Due to technological advancements, students all over the world are taking online courses. The beauty of online courses is that you can learn from any location that may be convenient for you. You may have wanted to become a graphic designer but you are worried that you may not be able to attend classes at […]Read More


How to Write Value Proposition

Your value proposition is what makes your customer choose you and not your competitor. A good value proposition differentiates between losing a deal and closing one. How does one write a good value proposition that will drive sales? First, you need to know what value proposition means. Your value proposition is not only the products […]Read More

Business Design Marketing Tips

Different Layouts Of A Name Card

A quality name card printing is above all a relevant and adapted layout. In this respect, there are many possibilities, each with its own specificities. The classic format The classic format revolved around size of 126 x 80 mm, called previously «format 30». This format has evolved over time and modes. The displayed content on […]Read More