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E-Commerce: A Guide to Link Building

In order to offer the best possible visibility to an e-commerce website, nothing should be left to chance when defining your SEO strategy.  

Among other things, it is essential to put in place a real link building strategy, links still play a major role in the referencing of a website. Therefore, in this article, we will be providing you with a useful guide on how to create efficient external links for your e-commerce store.  

Why establish links to your e-commerce site?  

On the Internet, a link is placed on one or more words (or an image) and allows you to switch from the visited web page to another one with a single click. In other words, external links, that is to say, those positioned on a website other than yours, are direct gateways to your online store.  

The links can therefore improve your traffic but they can especially help you boost your SEO. 

The quality of an external link depends on three main elements: 

  • The authority of the link, knowing that the higher the bond, the better!  
  • The relevance of the link. For example, if you sell furniture, a link from a blog dedicated to interior design will have more value than a link from a website dedicated to cars.  
  • The credibility of the domain issuing the link. Thus, the link of a website that has been on the Web for a long time and is renowned for the reliability of its information (for example a newspaper) will have more weight than the link of a newly established blog. 

This will be taken into consideration when searching and creating links to your online store. 

Building blocks of a good link  

In addition to authority, relevance, and credibility, other factors will influence the quality of a link:  

  • Its origin and its target. A link must be analyzed through the page where it was positioned and the page to which it points. So it’s these two pages that have to be correlated in terms of the subject harmony. In other words, depending on the page of the website where a link is positioned, its quality may be more or less good.  
  • The anchoring text. Ideally, the anchoring text must consist of keywords specifically designed to reference the page to which the link points.  

This data needs to be well analyzed and integrated before you start looking for external links.  

Creating quality external links for an e-commerce website 

Unless you are marketing innovative products, there is little chance that you will effortlessly get many links. It will then be required to invest some effort and test different strategies that can help you implement qualitative link building: 

  • Create a blog. Because product sheets do not add value, they rarely receive links. While blog posts with interesting informative content can generate links.  
  • Creating a customized Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): If you want this page to collect as many links as possible, take the time to research the questions that most often arise when Internet users have to buy products such as those you sell. It is essential that you answer the most frequently asked questions by Internet users. If you succeed, your FAQ will be appreciated and users will recommend it to their community. 

Demir Dagdelen

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