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How to Write Value Proposition

Your value proposition is what makes your customer choose you and not your competitor. A good value proposition differentiates between losing a deal and closing one. How does one write a good value proposition that will drive sales? First, you need to know what value proposition means.

Your value proposition is not only the products and services you deliver to your customers. It is the essential ingredient that allows your customers to patronize you instead of your competitors. It is your brand identifier that solves problems your competitors can’t. Without your value proposition, there’s no reason to work with you. Your value proposition solves problems, therefore making you the ideal person to contact for such services.

Value proposition is that promise you make to your customers, and you fulfill. It is the one thing that draws customers into knowing more about your business. A value proposition offers three things: solution to problems, specific benefits, and distinctiveness. It has to be the first thing your visitors see on your website and social media pages.

Your value proposition must consist of the following:

1. An headline

2. Subheading

3. Bullet points

4. Images

Your value proposition must answer these questions:

1. Who is your target audience?

2. What makes your business unique and different?

3. What products are you selling?

4. What’s the benefit of using it?

What makes your value proposition great?

1. It must be clear

2. It must depict solutions to the problem your potential customers may face

3. It must show how different and unique your business is from your competitor’s.

4. It must be readable and easily understandable.

Present your value proposition in a unique manner that will be irresistible to customers. Use the right and unique theme for your value proposition. Use boosters like free shipping, quick delivery, bonuses, discounts, short-term contracts, licenses, and so on.

Here are the steps to write a great value proposition.

1. Identify your business purpose: You need to identify your business purpose, vision, values, and mission. It will give your value proposition a sense of identity.

2. You need to know where you stand in the competitive market. It will make you understand what other brands are doing to market their products and how you can make yours differ.

3. Know your demographics. You need to understand that your value proposition is for your customers; therefore, it should speak to them. You need to know who your customers are, things they care about, their way of thinking, and how to solve their problems.

4. Think of all the benefits your customers will be getting. This will help you write a great value proposition—the benefits include functional and emotional benefits.

5. Write out a rough presentation of the value proposition. This will help you point out some Unique points which you can work on to make your value proposition better.

6. After you have created this rough article, you need to perfect your presentation. Make sure you create a bulleted list with the right image. Also, consider your audience when creating this presentation. This is very important.

Getting the right value proposition takes time, effort, and patience. We hope with these tips comma you’ll be able to write a better value proposition for your business.

Craig Ruiz

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