Facts that marked the Copa América
  • Paraguay has an advantage over all other adversaries in Copa América, except for the major teams (Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay). Against the other teams, Paraguay has more victories.
  • Paraguay has won two Copa América editions: in 1953, hosted by Peru, and in 1979, an edition with no host country.
  • The highest score by Paraguay in a match was 7 x 0 against Bolivia, in 1949. The greatest score against Paraguay was 8 x 0 for Argentina, in 1926.
  • Manuel Gavilán is the Paraguayan player with the greatest number of matches in Copa América, having played in the 1947, 1949, and 1953 editions.
  • Paraguay is the fourth country in Copa América’s general score ranking. The team scored 153 points in 32 editions.
  • The Paraguayan players with the highest scores in Copa América are Aurelio González, with nine goals in the 1929 and 1937 editions, and Juan Bautista Villalba, who also scored nine goals in the 1946 and 1947 editions.
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