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10 Businesses You Can Start with Less Than $100

The most straightforward approach to clearing off debt or build savings is to earn more cash. If you have time, here are some ten side businesses you can kickstart with less than $100. 

1. Concierge service

Suppose you reside in an affluent area; you will be surprised at what some people are ready to pay to get their chores done by someone. Ranging from dry cleaning  

and grocery shopping to booking travel and doctor appointments, you can become an assistant to the super-rich and super busy individuals.  

2. Mobile auto detailing 

Suppose you know a couple of people who have decent cards but go around with junks in the backseat. In that case, with a vacuum cleaner a few bottles of car cleaning products, you may offer to come to anyone’s work or home to make their car interior crisp and new again. Professionals shops usually charge up to $100 for it.  

3. Pet sitting and dog walking  

If you love animals, numerous people will pay you to help them watch their pets for a few hours. Based on your schedule, you could adopt this option as a full-time or a part-time business, and you may start without even spending a dime.  

4. Research and fact-checking 

It is not hidden information that almost every major magazine and websites check and crosscheck every fact to ensure their genuineness. Best of all, most of them employ in-house researchers to carry out the operation. Of course, it’s tedious, but you only need a decent mobile phone and a laptop. 

5. Bookkeeping  

Accounting and bookkeeping are one of the most in-demand services. Keeping a company’s book requires no GPA, neither does it need any amount of money to kick start. If you have no previous experience, you may even find online lessons handy.  

6. Association manager

People from diverse community associations, professional networks daily. The only issue is that groups of this nature require a great deal of administrative work for maintenance, such as dues collection, meeting and event schedules, mailing lists, etc. If you believe you are up to the task, you can start managing those groups.  

7. Property manager  

The advanced version of classic teenagers gigs such as mowing lawns and shoveling snow, property managers help medium-sized and small landlords take care of their properties. The responsibilities range from taking calls from tenants to fixing and landscaping.  

8. Activity or sport clinics  

Do you know any sport? Are you a musician or an artist? Start summer, weekends, and even evening clinics for local youth to learn. Many parents usually look forward to enrichment activities for their wards, and they will be happy to pay you for that.  

9. Clutter consultant 

Do you love organizing things? Here is another excellent business opportunity in rich environments. You can help people get rid of craps and create space for them, and they will be more than happy to pay you for that.  

10. Blog, course, or membership site  

If you love writing, you can as well earn while doing that by blogging. However, today, multiple entrepreneurs are experiencing a more prominent and quicker success by creating premium content and charging for it as a course, membership site, or e-book.  

Demir Dagdelen

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