4 Things A Rubber Stamp Can Make!

Rubber stamps came into use many years ago and are still used until now. For the application, rubber stamps are not only for individuals since many organizations and companies apply the stamp as well. That is why you may find the stamp affixed on various types of documents from passports to business documents. But what exactly can be made with the rubber stamps that make it widely used now? Well, there are lots of things that can be created using rubber stamps, but here are a few of them!  

1. Company or Organization Stamps 

This is one of the most popular rubber stamp applications. Usually, company or organization have their official stamp that used for authorizing documents before they are issued them. They affixed the stamp as a sign of official approval from the company or organization. For some documents, it is not enough to have the signature of the authority or decision-maker, so a company or organization stamp is added for that. But in other cases, sometimes affixing the stamp is sufficient for the documents.  

For a company or organization stamp, there is a few information that usually includes. Here is the list! 

  • Name of company or organization 
  • Registration number  
  • Address 
  • Logo 
  • And you can add more information if needed. 

2. Signature Stamp 

Rubber stamps can be created as signature stamps. Basically, a signature stamp is a stamp with an individual’s signature that usually uses for document authorization. This stamp can include a signature only or with a name. Professionals often use it for several reasons, such as to sign urgent documents with their prior consent when they are not in the office. But keep in mind, in several states, there are several regulations or protocol regarding signature stamps that must be followed.  

3. Approved and Paid Stamps 

You must be familiar with approved stamps and paid stamps as both of them are widely used by many people, companies, or organizations. As the name implies, approved stamps will be affixed once the documents, requirements, or something meets the standard or criteria. Typically, you will see approved stamps in red, blue, or green. But for paid stamps, as the name suggests, only be applied once the payment is completed. You may find paid stamp imprints in red colour, frequently.  

4. Rubber Stamps for Kids 

The stamp is not only limited to authorization purposes since it can be used as a toy and learning media for children. Rubber stamps for children are often made with adorable designs such as flowers, animals, letters, animated characters, and much more. Also, you may find these stamps come in a variety of colours. 

Those are just a few examples of things that can be made with rubber stamps. Today, if you are looking for rubber stamps, you may find them in three popular types of rubber stamps, namely traditional or classic models, self-inking stamps, and pre-inked stamps. The traditional one is a stamp with a separated ink pad. The self-inking stamp is a water-based ink stamp that automatically will re-inks every time an impression is created. And the pre-inked stamp is an oil-based ink stamp that created a sharp impression. So, no matter what you want to create, even a company stamp or a paid stamp, you have to choose the type of rubber stamps that suits your needs and application. Don’t forget to find a rubber stamp specialist such as Singapore rubber stamp to make high-quality, durable and affordable stamps!