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6 Start-ups Aiming To Help Healthcare Professionals

The big digital shift is today affecting all sectors, including medical facilities. Start-ups have in the past few years used digitalized algorithms and AI to make life easier for healthcare professionals.

My Qualiticien facilitates communication in elderly care facilities

My Qualiticien is a platform that facilitates the transmission of information in real time for the sake of improving the processes implemented. The software allows the recording of undesirable events (explanation of the situation, environment, support). All of these elements are then analysed to create an improvement plan. My Qualitician has provideda “management of activities” process allowing to digitize documents, to classify them but also to manage the teams and the needs of the elderly care facilities via a dashboard. The startup also offers a social network facilitating interactions and the flow of information between all the health care professionals within the institution.

Team’Doc , the app that facilitates Physician Liaison

Team’Doc is a secure communication platform between health professionals. Its messaging allows doctors to exchange medical perspectives and seek a second opinion on a patient’s case, for example.

Messages can be directed to a colleague, a group of specialists or a medical clinic. The startup also provides a cloud, facilitating the storing and exchange of photos, videos or other medically relevant documents. Preformatted sheets are also available to facilitate the integration of information and its storage. Reminders regarding vaccination, blood tests or re-evaluation of a patient’s treatment may also be planned.

Kaduceo uses AI to predict patients journey

The Toulouse-based startup Kaduceo collects and analyses health data in order to optimise the patient journey (improvement of management, coordination of care and reduction of the length of the journey). The processing of a large amount of data now allows this startup to predict a patient’s journey (identification of the optimal journey, prediction of the outcome of the journey and risk indicators). Cédric Giorgi, former director of Sigfox’s Experience design division, joined the team as deputy managing director in early 2020.

Ambler, Improving the Ambulance-Hospitals relationship

Ambler has developed a platform for ordering sanitary transport to health facilities. This solution saves time for hospital staff , who can sometimes be stuck with making several calls before finding an available ambulance. With this solution, Ambler also promotes competition between Electronic Payment Terminals , SMEs and some large ambulance companies. The Parisian startup recently raised six million euros.

A2Job facilitates the recruitment of health professionals

This startup has developed a platform that makes it easier to recruit social workers and health professionals, by putting them in direct virtual contact with health or medical institutions that are in search of new employees. A2Job mainly offers emergency vacation or short-term job offers. The startup is at the crossroads between the recruitment firm and the temporary agency. The A2Job team checks the profiles registered on the site and recalls each candidate to identify his or her aspirations.

Hipok secures exchanges between doctors

The name Hipok comes from Hippocrates. «We are sure that he would have validated our solution», says Elien Meynard, CEO of the Bordeaux startup Hipok.

With a state-of-the-art encryption system, it allows healthcare professionals to exchange, store patient health data, promising maximum security.

Nowadays, only a small number of healthcare professionals are equipped with secure messaging. At the end of 2016, in an interview with Objectif Aquitaine, Elien Meynard estimated that there were only 35,000 doctors equipped with a secure messaging medium, and that many of them exchanged by mail and other unsecure digital platforms.

Artem Grigorev

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