7 Free Graphic Design Learning Sites in Singapore

The millennial generation cannot be separated from the digital world. You could say that most of the work of millennials is also related to the digital world. Starting from creative writers, social media administrators, website engineers to graphic designers.

Do you want to be a top-level graphic designer in Singapore? If so, you need to be diligent and study hard to achieve this. Usually, young people will be hindered by the problem of money to study at a tutoring place, right?

But don’t worry, as long as you can connect with an internet connection, you can learn for free through design learning websites that are available online. Well, through this article, we will provide a variety of free graphic design learning sites that you can visit to deepen your design knowledge.

  1. GraphicDesign.About.com

The GraphicDesign.About.com site is a graphic design learning website that you can visit to learn a variety of interesting lessons. Here, you will get a basic graphic design course by demonstrating the elements and principles used in the art of design.

  1. Absolute Cross

If you already know the basics of graphic design, you can visit Absolute Cross to deepen your knowledge again. The reason is, here you will learn Drupal Contemplate Modules to follow the tutorial that will be presented on this free graphic design learning website. You can also learn Adobe Flash to create animated graphics. Interesting!

  1. Digital Tutors

By visiting Digital Tutors, you will see a variety of video series that have less than 20 minutes to learn design. This free graphic design learning site will show you the key elements used in graphic design such as anti-aliasing, linear perspective, and so on.

  1. Treehouse

A graphic design learning site called Treehouse focuses more on learning to Front End Development. However, even so, this graphic design learning website also provides good design courses. Unfortunately, you need to spend around 30 SGD to study per month. If you don’t want to, you can still have 14 days to learn design for free.

  1. Lynda.com

Another free graphic design learning site is Lynda.com. Here, you will learn about various programmes from Adobe including Photoshop. You’ll learn from the very basics, starting with Adobe Bridge before you get to the deeper lessons of masking, layers, filters, and so on.


If you feel you are still lacking to add to your graphic design knowledge, you need to visit ALISON. Why? Because, this free graphic design learning website provides learning ranging from design elements, drawing systems, production systems in the design industry, and so on.

  1. Class Central

Do you feel that the basis of your graphic design knowledge is mature enough? Want to increase knowledge? Just come to Class Central’s free graphic design learning website. Here, you can have various lessons about Art & Design for free. There are many new lessons that you can take.

Those are 7 free graphic design learning sites in Singapore that you can visit to deepen your design knowledge. Hopefully, this article is useful for those of you who want to pursue design science.