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Artem Grigorev

Business Start-Up Tips

How to Get More Client in 2021

Have you ever found yourself wondering about how you can get more clients? One of the primary drivers of your business value is your customer base and value. Understanding your customers’ profitability and leveraging your customers’ lifetime value is vital for any business’s success.   That said, to increase your clients, you must continuously contact existing […]Read More

Business Start-Up Tips

E-Commerce: Definition, Benefits of Online Sales and Tips for Getting

The majority of merchants or future entrepreneurs plan to start or expand their online business.  As a high-growth sector, E-commerce has completely changed commerce and placed itself as the major competitor to traditional trade. However, it did so without cannibalizing it. On the contrary, we are now talking about an increasingly connected trade where the synergistic effects between the two are numerous. As […]Read More


3 Good Things About Starting a Dry Snacks Business

You could open a dog walking business. Why not? It sounds easier than making dry snacks.  However, your heart tells you otherwise.  There’s something about dry snacks that just resonates with your values, and you want your business to express that.  If something of what we just said sounds like you, you’ve come to the […]Read More


What Do Beginners Need to Know About Graphic Design?

Are you a beginner in graphic design? Welcome! You have just come to the right place since you will find a brief explanation of a few things about graphic design here. So, without any further due, let’s get started!   What Is Graphic Design?  As a beginner, it is important that you know what graphic design […]Read More

Business Design

How To Open A Food Business

Do you want to open a food business? This post will help you do that. You can choose from various types of food items, canned foods, restaurants and so on. Your food business may be within your vicinity or an export business, where you export the canned items abroad. The steps below will help you open a food business. […]Read More

Business Food

Why Is Food Safety Certification Important?

Food certification has a lot of benefits. Whether you are into local food business or you are exporting abroad, getting a food certification is crucial to your business. Your food safety certification tells your customers that you are supplying them with standard food products and lots more. The reasons below are why food safety certification […]Read More

Commercial Print Design

The best graphic design classes

Are you looking to start a career in graphic design? Well, you are in the right place. Graphic design has become such an integral part of the entire organizations world over. It’s is through graphic design that companies get to create logos, design their marketing materials and keep the branding efforts alive. By improving their […]Read More

Commercial Print Design

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a modern method of printing that makes use of technological mechanism. This mechanism lets it print faster and more efficiently. More items can be printed with digital printing. Digital printing is available online today. This post tells you what is digital printing. Defining digital printing Digital printing is a method of printing that uses […]Read More