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Damon Lee

Business Start-Up Tips

E-commerce for Beginners: A Guide to Starting Your Online Shop

Choosing a suitable e-commerce solution   To get off to a good start, you must start by choosing your e-commerce solution correctly.   Today, many free and paid platforms exist. You will certainly find the one adapted to your needs, your skills, and your budget. To make your choice, you can also rely on comparison websites.  Managing logistics  It’s a fact: with […]Read More


3 Reasons Why Starting a Farming Business is Important

Although thousands of people want to start new businesses, many are afraid or don’t have the right motifs for doing so.  When it comes to farming, it’s usually a little different.  People who want to start a farming business often have a good idea that explains why they want it.  However, some of them aren’t […]Read More

Business Food Health

Ways to promote food safety

If you are into food business, you will have to promote safety and there are certain ways to promote it. That’s what this post tells you. Promoting food safety is a way to prepare for food safety certification. This will prepare you for auditors. The ways to promote food safety are below: Check out food quality […]Read More

Business Food Health

Tips For Running A Food Business

Running a food business involves certain measures. There are certain tips to help you run a food business efficiently. This post tells you the tips for running your food business. If you are fond of cooking, consider running a restaurant, if you are fond of baking, consider running a bakery and if you are fond […]Read More

Business Commercial Print

What is Print On Demand?

In recent years, the digital world revolutionized many niches in all possible ways. Print on demand has taken many paths and forms and now more people are seeing benefits with taking up the job. Let’s first clear what print on demand is, how it can be done, and how people can turn it into a […]Read More

Design Resources

Animation Graphic Design Services

The progress over the years in the animation graphics design is tremendous. In the last 20 years, the field continues to grow and has become a major topic of discussion. More and more varieties of animated graphics are created including on social media, blogs and so on.The growth, however, does not mean ease in creation. […]Read More