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Dave Castillo

Business Marketing

E-Commerce: the Most Common SEO Errors

1. Your website pages refer to an older version   One of the most common errors in an e-commerce analysis is that some page links direct the customer to an older version of the website content.   This form of malfunction has a very negative impact because:   It increases the bounce rate,   It opens you to the possibility of negative customer […]Read More


3 Things No One Tells You About Starting a Dry

There are a lot of blog posts on the benefits of starting a dry snacks business.  We get it. Having a company is cool.  Besides, if you’re in the dry snacks business, you’ll probably make yummy products.  However, there are some things about this world that no one tells you.  We want to change that. […]Read More

Business Design

Is Graphic Design Important in Business?

There are many aspects and disciplines involved in running a business, one of them is graphic design. In today’s society, graphic design is not something unfamiliar. Most people have probably heard it before. But are you sure that you already know what graphic design is?  In short, graphic design is a way to transmit information, […]Read More


5 UI and UX Trends to Watch in 2021

UI and UX design is a world that is full of competition. There is always a new UI or UX designer every day who aspires to be the best in the graphic design world. Due to the amount of competition, it’s important for us to always stay updated with the latest trend or possible trend. […]Read More


Concept of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, in general terms, is the process of creating a new organization or organizations or developing existing ones; That is, establishing a new business or responding to new investment opportunities by being prepared to manage, organize and develop projects in conjunction with being affected by risks; With the aim of gaining access to profits based […]Read More


History of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the ancient and renewable phenomena that contribute to indicating innovative and creative individuals in various business fields, while the foundations of entrepreneurship go back to the theory of oligopoly. The entrepreneurs took care to calculate the prices and quantities of the products that would be produced; In order to make the […]Read More