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Demir Dagdelen

Business Tips

E-Commerce: A Guide to Link Building

In order to offer the best possible visibility to an e-commerce website, nothing should be left to chance when defining your SEO strategy.   Among other things, it is essential to put in place a real link building strategy, links still play a major role in the referencing of a website. Therefore, in this article, we will be providing you with […]Read More


10 Businesses You Can Start with Less Than $100

The most straightforward approach to clearing off debt or build savings is to earn more cash. If you have time, here are some ten side businesses you can kickstart with less than $100.  1. Concierge service Suppose you reside in an affluent area; you will be surprised at what some people are ready to pay […]Read More

Business Start-Up

7 Aspiring Medical Start-ups To Follow

Acticor wants to cure strokes Development of a flagship drug that targets acute ischemic stroke Financing: After a new fundraising of €7 million last November, Acticor Biotech, created in 2013, acquired the startup AVCare, thuspropelling itself in a position to diagnose and treatstrokes. Activity: The startup is now conducting clinical trialsin the United States, and […]Read More