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Melisa Kartal

Design Start-Up

Know the Differences in UI/UX Design!

In the world of technology, new terms appear every day. But still many people confuse the difference between UI and UX. UI and UX are 2 things that cannot be separated because they are pillars in designing something comfortable for users. In the following, we will discuss further the differences between the two. User Interface […]Read More

Design Tips

Flat Design 101: Things You Should Know

In this article, we will talk about flat design. You’ve probably heard about it because it’s been one of the main trends in design for many years already. Let’s take a closer look at this trend and get to know what it is, where it comes from, and what you need to do to create […]Read More

Design Marketing

Brand vs Logo: What’s the Difference?

The terms brand and logo are often used interchangeably, but if we look closely, the two words are two completely different identities. While it may be relatively easy for a company to change its logo, changing the brand may take some time. Brands and logos in Singapore have a close working relationship and they together […]Read More

Design Lifestyle

8 Examples of User Interface (UI) in Daily Life

User Interface in Singapore provides an easier and simpler way to interact with technology. Interface releases the potential of complex systems and technologies so that they can be used easily by anyone without having to have special skills. In everyday life, we certainly cannot be separated from technology. Starting from small ones like smartphones, or […]Read More