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Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design come in various types. When you hear the word ‘graphic design’, your first thought on that are mobile applications and web design. You think of brochures, business cards, brand identity and packaging design. Graphic design is a form of visual interpretation of an idea, conveyed from one person to another. So it is […]Read More


The Importance of Entrepreneurship For Organizations

The science of business administration is one of the most important sciences that deals with how to conduct all operations and activities related to organizations according to a specific and thoughtful system through a series of consecutive and continuous procedures, so that the implementation of these procedures is one of the most important tasks that […]Read More


What is Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the analysis of the process of creating new companies, as well as the actual creation of these companies. It is also an expression of the behavior of an entrepreneur who is always looking for new ideas and turning them into an opportunity for profit, while simultaneously dealing with the threats facing the company. […]Read More