Best Applications For Resizing Wallpapers

Resizing your wallpapers is necessary if you want to use that wallpaper on a particular place, but the size doesn’t match. You will then resize it. You can resize your wallpapers with certain applications. 

With imagery like wallpapers that are in large file sizes, you may run out of storage space. That is another reason to cut down the size of your wallpaper. This will free up the space, that you can use for other things on your device.

Resizing your wallpaper is necessary if your wallpaper does not match with your computer, product or smart phone. This post tells you the best applications for resizing wallpapers. The applications are below:

Resize-Square Snap Pic Editor

Are you fond of emoji? With this application you can add funny effects, stickers, blur effect and funny effects. Is it a square-size picture that you want? If so, this application is for you. You can use it to resize, change, filter and compress or edit pictures in your device. However if you have a bulky collection of pictures. Drop and drag at and download that result.

Pixlr Express

This is among the most editing applications. It has a lot of features that has above 600 special effects. However if you want the editing to be advanced, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of your photographs. Put away the red-eye effect and work on images and colours.

Resize Me

You can customise the ‘Resize Me’ app and you can adjust your photo size using one click. With this tool, you can set up your pictures, rotate and crop. Do you want to put a personal watermark? Resize Me does that.

Picture and Photo Resizer

This application is a swift application. You can use this to cut down the size of the image, and distribute the final version to platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Check out the Photo and Picture Resizer that shrinks pictures without altering the quality. This application is suitable for certain devices and it does not have a compression mechanism that overworked your device. It reduces the size of your wallpapers by cutting down its resolution. This is without disrupting the quality. Batch Resize can handle many pictures once.

Photo Compress 2.0

You can use this to compress a picture or resize the picture. The application lets you set the level of compression, high or medium. Select the compression type and tap on the button to find the size difference between the lighter version and original photo. This application does not seem to be crafty when it comes to compression philosophy, but  it has impressive result. Its end products have a higher quality. This application resizes and compresses giving a handy editing. It has a quality control slider that tells you of the last choice you made. You can also compress photos with batch compress.

Hiding playlist controls and notification

Android policies bind us to display this notification since the applications works inside the background. Go to settings>Apps>Wall>Notifications>Disable ‘Playlist Persistent Notification’.

Image Size App

With this application, you can resize your wallpapers fast and specify its output format, pixels, millimeters, centimetres and inches.

Image Easy Resizer & JPG-PNG

This is an application that can resize various pictures once. It lets you select a variable and fixed aspect ratio.

Image Shrink Lite-Batch Resize

Is it your wish to change the height and width of your wallpaper. This application is suitable. With this application you can resize the wallpaper with EXIF tags, remove or keep GPS data and information about the picture taken.

LT Photo

This is an image compressor that you can use to resize. It is an application that has a simple user interface, that takes a few minutes to make an impressive result. With this application, you can cut down the size of the photos and this is without disrupting the quality. You can cut colours of your wallpapers with it. There are various options with which you can keep up an original resolution.