Best Practices For Voice User Interface Design

There are certain tools suitable for research in UX design. Voice User Interface makes use of voice interface to create a decent and efficient design for a product or service. There are reasons to use this type of interface design. Various tools and help are getting common each year. Voice User Interface bridge the gap between dulcet tones and modulated voice, with dulcet of tones of that of an Alexa as an assistant reduces each day.

Why design with VUIs?

The best tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple use this. Studies show that a lot of homes that has smart speakers depend on them like asking common questions, generating weather reports and setting up alarms. The more the assistants get more common in vehicles, offices and homes, the more there is need for more Voice User Interface Design. The following practices are the best practices for Voice User Interface Design.

i) Keep goals

Make your interactions goal-oriented and short when designing with Voice User Interface Design. Use designs that encourage user flows and personas used on research. User want to realise a particular goal. Design with what users can use to realise their goal.

ii) Be natural with design

Keep designs natural. The way you handle responses, replies and interactions varies according to the task. Keep your design brief and formal if you are designing for a property or finance, make it brief and formal. Keep the tone natural. 

iii) Keep your designs together

When you are designing for a VUI, give many options to your users to offer a nice experience with your design. This will guide your users and cut down errors, forming a productive and delightful user experience.

iii) Design with simplicity

Simplicity is necessary, don’t make the design too complex for your users. Example when making a voice interface software, a particular value prompts or reduces the steps between the question and answer. Since users don’t see the pattern and part, the place to begin should be simple. Whatever does not realise a user’s goal should not be added in design.

Identify users

To design an effective Voice User Interface Design, you have to identify the persona of the end-user. This represents your user base. Each of the persona stands for a kind of user that interacts with various behavioral patterns. Identify your users, making personas helps in managing design.

Using prototyping tool

Select the right tool for a prototype. Many tools can set up an interactive user interface that you can apply in applications that are not voice-based. Select the approximate tool for making VUI that is based on experience flow or dialogue. A lot of tools and services are available like Not society, Tortu and Adobe Sayspring. You can use the one that is applicable to the need of the project.

Get a sample dialogue

A sample dialogue helps in anticipating the way a user interacts with a device that is voice-enabled. This dialogue will enable users interact with your products.