Brand vs Logo: What’s the Difference?

The terms brand and logo are often used interchangeably, but if we look closely, the two words are two completely different identities. While it may be relatively easy for a company to change its logo, changing the brand may take some time. Brands and logos in Singapore have a close working relationship and they together build a successful professional identity for a company. To understand the difference, so in this article let’s discuss the main differences between the two terms.

  1. What is a Brand?

A brand is a personality of a company. These all include the philosophy of the company, culture, and products or services. All brands bring unique experiences to customers in the long term and form affiliations with company brand names. A brand also distinguishes a company from its competitors. Companies that create brand identities that are accessible and attractive to customers have made an advantage. So that every product or service offered is known by its brand. Branding is also the image of the company as a whole which is communicated through the website, business cards, and other marketing. The brand consulting company plays a valuable role to place the company’s brand image. So never underestimate the importance of a brand from a business.

  1. What is Logo?

A logo is one of the many working components of a brand. A logo is a graphic illustration of a company’s brand identity, a visual representation that is easily recognised as a name, symbol, trademark, or defined colour. The logo can be a brand signature of a company, the logo can easily communicate with customers and become the image of the company’s position. Sometimes with an established logo, it can certainly provide great benefits and describe a good or bad company image. Designing a logo should not be taken lightly. An ideal logo should embody the heart and soul of a company. It should be a unique representation of the personality of the company.

  1. The Relationship Between Brand and Logo

A logo functions as one of the many parts of a company’s brand strategy, thus connecting directly with customers. Likewise, a strong corporate brand image is enhanced in the eyes of the public by direct recognition of the Logo. But a Logo can attract positive recognition only if a company recognises the presence of an established brand in the market. Is the logo very strong or weak? If the customer is not aware of the brand image, it means that the logo does not give a good response and will not trigger a good impression with the customer. Therefore, companies need to focus on the brand as the bigger picture and see their logo as a valuable part of the overall brand strategy.

Companies need both, a strong brand and a convincing brand identity to position their business and drive growth. As logos are perceived as more tangible, companies often focus on changing them rather than changes in their overall brand strategy. Therefore, it becomes very important for them to understand that logos are the result of a “brand” exploring their vision, mission, values, and customer perceptions. What do you think? Have you felt that Brands and Logos are very important for a business in Singapore?