Difference between print on demand and offset printing

Certain differences exist between print on demand and offset lithography. Print on demand is an efficient method of printing for banners, logos and customised products. With print on demand you can print various customised products, adding your brand labels. However it is different from offset printing and the differences are below:

  • Set up:

Print on demand runs with lower set up charge than a litho printer. Even though with Litho you can print from 500, meaning more copies, print on demand is still a recommended mode of printing for people that want to print their brands on their products.

  • Colour printing

Print on demand can print various colours, but litho has more colour accuracy and can use inks like silver and gold.


Print on demand can print sticks of between 70 and 300 sqm. Litho printing is more suitable for cards or paper. It provides better quality with a low-resolution image. You can use it for upscaling images. However litho requires pictures with a higher resolution.

Personalisation & flexibility

You can send a lot of personalised versions of data with print on demand. It means it has more flexibility. Note that bulk prints are not suitable for printing bulk items.

Cost differences

You can use this method to deliver prints at a lower cost than lithographic printing. However lithography should have a smaller quantity of viability.


Overprinting is not suitable for print on demand, it is a more applicable litho printing. Print on demand gives you a precise and sharp finish. With litho you can have a softer finish.