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E-commerce for Beginners: A Guide to Starting Your Online Shop

Choosing a suitable e-commerce solution  

To get off to a good start, you must start by choosing your e-commerce solution correctly.  

Today, many free and paid platforms exist. You will certainly find the one adapted to your needs, your skills, and your budget. To make your choice, you can also rely on comparison websites. 

Managing logistics 

It’s a fact: with the Internet, exchanges are accelerated and most of your future customers do not have the patience. 

Whether you have a small or large business, you can’t get into e-commerce without well-prepared logistics. Even if you start at home alone, you need to have a solid plan that will allow you to deliver your products to your customers as quickly as possible. This gives an impression of reliability and seriousness to your shop.  

Do not start on your own  

Many entrepreneurs dream of embarking alone on the e-commerce adventure (at least initially). This is something you need to avoid! As tempting as it may be, the dream of making a fortune by being alone at home with your internet shop and your local stock of products is today very difficult. 

Surround yourself with partners that can help you every step of the way and provide complementary skills, thus enabling your e-commerce business to thrive.  

You can start by choosing a good provider with skills in the different areas essential to your project (technical skills, web marketing, SEO, and design). You can also choose several different providers. 

Stand out  

The e-commerce market is constantly evolving and now customers know very well what e-merchants can do to meet the expectations of their customers.  

Today, customers are no longer looking for a simple online shopping experience, they expect more: They want to be surprised and they want a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.  

Taking into consideration your target’s expectations and the very competitive aspect of the market, why not take a step forward and adapt your business to the latest trends in the distribution market?  

Inspire confidence  

In E-commerce, the trust of your customers is not a given: it is gradually acquired thanks to tireless efforts of adaptation and improvement.  

1. Stay connected and stay in touch 

One of the main fears of e-consumers is whether there is “someone” behind the website on which they are about to order. Indeed, as in stores, customers may also need advice on which choices to make. It is therefore important to display your contact details (on the homepage, but also all of the other pages of your E-commerce website), such as:  

  • Your phone number  
  • Opening hours  
  • Your e-mail address  
  • Links to your social media pages 

2. Let your customers voice their opinions and concerns  

Customers like to be able to express themselves and provide their opinions freely, whether on an e-merchant or a product. They appreciate it, even more, when it is published and valued.  

In order to give value to your customer reviews, it is advisable to go through certified customer reviews organizations, such as Trustpilot.  

It is also important to post all product reviews, even those that are less favorable to you. By doing so, you are being transparent and honest with the customer. Two important values that will allow you to earn their trust.

Damon Lee

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