Email marketing tips for print on demand

In today’s world, email marketing is now a method of marketing as people dive in to check their mails daily. Most people say that emails enable them to make choices. There are email, marketing tips that are applicable for print on demand and this is what this post will tell you. The tips are below.

Fragment email lists

Fragmentation is a process of targeting people with your email lists, with website activity or demographics. This means people receive more emails according to their actions and preferences. Your segments can contain information like home address with deadlines for shipping according to the place. Target them and receive emails in their prices, currency and language. Note that offers are adjustable for advertisements. Do not personalise too much in such a way that it becomes too creepy. You may mention the name of a person when you add it to an email.

Be interactive with emails

You can use visuals on images to illustrate your products with animations and videos. Animated gifs in the footer or header of the email can aid. It is possible to integrate reviews and ratings. Very few people intend to use an exceptional link for a feedback. You can capture a lot of data with surveys and forms. It is possible to add price drawings, spin-to-wins and pop quizzes to your emails. It is not necessary to be a graphic designer to use scratch-offs or trivia. Privy is another software that you can add fun features like spin-to-wheels or pop-ups. Another software you can use for this is Zembula.

Preexisting content

You can use preĆ«xisting content in your email listing and add them inside the body of your email. This is applicable too for a holiday promotion or seasonal collection. If you are adding a video or blog to that email, you can show this in your subject line. Link to content that is relevant, if you didn’t create it. Add social media posts too.

Write a copy that pops off

Illustrate the point with an email. Tell the reason for the integration or product. You can talk about your print-on demand products and the offers you have for them. Example an email can be used to create offers. Add language and style to your email.

Make series for emails

You can make series of emails for your print on demand products. Beginning with welcome emails to thank those who subscribed to your series. Then tell them about your services and products. You can use offers like vouchers and discounts. Use a nice welcome email to tell customers about your newsletter. You can send promotional emails to them after this. Examples of email series you can use are:

i) Customer testimonials: Add customer testimonials about your print on demand products in your emails.

ii) Transactional emails: These emails have a rate of between 40 to 50%. You can make it more interesting by giving consumers space for feedback or adding a discount code.

iii) Cross selling and up selling: Tell the customers about products with higher prices using an up sell mechanism or tell customers about products related with purchase history with a cross selling series. Add a gift guide and style with industry trends.