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Hiring Graphic Design Agencies: 5 Steps to do Before Hiring Them

There are many fish in the sea, and the same goes in the world of graphic design. You can find a gazillion of them on the internet, no matter when and where. The unlimited options can probably confuse some people, and this might lead to the wrong choice. No need to worry, as we are here to give you some steps to do to get the best graphic design agency for you.

1. Know what you want

The first step you need to do is to know what you really want. It means that you should know the kind of design needed and the ambiance wanted from the graphic design agency. Is it a formal business? What kind of impression do you want the audience to get? What color do you seek?

Knowing what you want for your business is necessary, as it will help you pick the right design agency later on in the future.

2. Design your budget

Once you’ve known the kind of design needed, it’s time to plan your budget. It’s important to put a limit on your budget, as there will definitely be a moment when you are tempted to go beyond the limit. There will be many offers that will be hard to resist unless you limit yourself, so always set a limit and stick with it.

3. Pick the graphic design agencies that suit you the most

Once you have a gist on what you want and the limit for your budget, it’s time to find the candidates for your business. The first thing you should do is find a website that contains many agencies and take a look at their works. You can also look through social media such as Instagram too. Pick the ones you think will suit your brand’s vision and mission the most.

Of course, you need to ensure that the graphic design agency’s cost wont go beyond your budget. You can make a guess by looking at their past projects.

4. Check the graphic design agencies’ portfolio

Once you’ve had your candidates, it’s time to handpick them! You can find the most suitable agency by looking at their portfolios. Line them up according to your preference, starting from the one that suits your design needs and budget. If you think some of them are not according to your preference, set them aside for another time or project.

5. Contact them first

Once you’ve lined up your potential agencies, it’s time to contact them! Ask them one by one regarding their service and the fee. If possible, as for a small trial project so you can confirm whether they’re the perfect designers for you or not (but you will still need to spend money on the small trial project too). Once you’ve found the perfect agency, meet them directly and strike a deal.

If the steps mentioned are done properly and meticulously, you will find the perfect agency in no time!

Damon Lee

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