How To Add Colours To Your Graphic Design

Colours add more looks to your design. When you combine colours efficiently, you make your graphic design more attractive. Colours can blend with one another. This post tells you how to add more colours to your graphic design. Colours beautify a work of art. You can use them to design business cards, websites, brochures and logos.

How to improve the emotional impact of colours in design

Here are the physiological response connected with colours.

i) Black: hopelessness, sorrow, virility, stability and rationality.

ii) Brown: Relaxation, vitality and positivity. 

iii) Orange: Vitality, charity and hunger.

iv) Purple: Prestige, introspection, security and sensitivity. 

v) Yellow green: nausea

vi) Light yellow: Cheerfulness, spontaneity, hunger and optimism

vii) Blue: Creativity, happiness and safety

viii) White: Security, complacency, relaxation and lightness.

ix) Pink: Tranquility and relaxation

x) Light blue: Spirituality and comfort

xi) Bright yellow: Irritability and danger

xii) Blue and black: Trustworthy and sadness (black)

Graphic designs can use various colours to make their designs colourful. 

Making a contrast with colours and text

Make a contrast with background colours and text, when adding colours to your design. This makes your text legible and helps to communicate your business message. Ensure that the contrast is between light colours and dark ones. When you increase the contrast of colours, it minimises how someone strains his eyes. Designers often prefer to pick dark colours and join it with a light in the top. This dark colour is in the bottom half. Mixture of colours can blend well. Below are the ways to mix colours in graphic design. White on red,  Red on white, Blue on white, White on blue, Black on white, White on black, Green on white, White on green, Yellow on black and Black on yellow.

Adding colours with online colour tools

You can select the appropriate combination of colours like White on blue and blue on white for your graphic design. There are online tools that can help you with this. Using online tools is an efficient way of adding colours to your graphic design. The colour tools below can help you add colours to your graphic design and they are below:


The website enables you to match colours. ColorBlender is an intuitive and simple website where you can add colours to your graphic design. You can blend with a mixture of colours in this website. It is blending here, that’s why the website is called ‘ColorBlender’. You can tweak color palettes when you drag on blue, green and red channels. 


In this website, you get information about the colour trends that are emerging. It is a good place to get color palettes. The palettes consist of keywords.


Abode developed Kuler and it is a place where there are various colour schemes from many designers. You can make your own colour scheme in this website.

Why you should use colours in graphic design

i) Every color has a meaning

Colours are not just colours, they represent or mean one thing or the other. Colours speak to your audience.

ii) To decorate your design

Blending and mixing colours decorate your design. Colours are beautiful when they are combined well in a design. That’s one reason to use them in your design. Designs with colours are more attractive.