How to Get Inspired in Creating Illustration Designs

Creating an illustration design is not easy. You have to pay attention to the message you want to convey, the shape of the illustration, to the colour composition that will be used.

However, most importantly, you must also have the right inspiration for the results of a successful illustration design. How to get inspiration in making illustration designs in Singapore? Check out the tips in the following review.

  1. Make mind maps

To stimulate your brain to get a clear picture when creating an illustration design, try making a mind map. The mind map contains the main idea as well as companion ideas for your illustration design. Think about the most general things first, then break them down into more specific ideas.

You can also make a list of things that fit the theme of the illustration. For example, for an illustration with the theme of the natural environment, you can include trees, pollution, animals, and others. This method will help you to focus more on the theme of the illustration so that you can quickly get the right inspiration.

  1. Check out your old illustrations

Have you ever worked on a similar project with an illustration theme now? It’s time to dismantle your old masterpiece. Have a look at how you worked on the project, is there anything you can use? Does anything need to be upgraded? If the answer is yes, then you can immediately start designing.

In addition to ready-made illustrations, you can also view draughts or even old doodles. Unpacking an old draught might bring up an idea that you had forgotten about.

The point here is that you can be an inspiration to yourself when working on an illustration project. The key is to dig deeper into your abilities as well as your memory.

  1. Take advantage of technology

Technology was created to facilitate human life, including for the business of designing illustrations. Currently, there are many websites to webinars about illustration that can be a place to find inspiration for you. Frequently visit the website when you need inspiration.

Besides, you can also take advantage of automatic generators. Several automated generator websites will offer a few phrases as a source of inspiration.

By utilising a website like this, you don’t have to bother thinking about the big theme of the illustration or even the message that will be conveyed in the illustration.

  1. Observe your surroundings

Inspiration can come anytime and anywhere, including in the environment around you. You may be trying so hard to design the illustration that you forget about your surroundings. If you are observant, there are many inspirations for illustrations that can be obtained from the surrounding environment.

Try setting aside time during the day to sit still and observe your surroundings. You can also go to crowded places to make observations. In these observations, of course, will appear some interesting things for you.

Develop that interesting thing into an idea, then pour it into your illustration. Guaranteed, your illustrations will look more interesting and unique.

Inspiration to create an illustration design does not just come. You need some “prompting” for the inspiration to come. The four tips above can be tried whenever you need inspiration in making illustration designs in Singapore.