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How to Go Full Entrepreneur in 2021

How can you take charge of your destiny in the long run during this period of a pandemic that has destroyed so many economies, markets, businesses, and the way we live? Waiting for challenges to come and go would not solve any problem. Waiting for government stimulus packages would still not solve the real problem at hand, which is how to be successful during this pandemic period. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world did not sit at home doing anything; they made real attempts to become productive persons to society. They were hard-working and took every challenge that they came across with high determination.  

Let’s look at entrepreneurs like bill gates, who is the founder of Microsoft. He is successful today because of his determination to build Microsoft because he wouldn’t be successful today if not.  

This year 2021, is a year to go full entrepreneurship because there are little or no jobs available if you look at society now. Tips on how to go full entrepreneur in 2021, the first thing we need to do is being yourself at all times and not trying to imitate someone else. When a country suffers or going through hard times, entrepreneurs see a better side to the problem at hand. They know that customers are more open to new products and services, especially to those that like new things. The tip here is simple but essential. The situations and lockdowns we are experiencing now have made so many of us discover what we are, what we want in life. 

Entrepreneurs come in different forms, and that why we need a strong personal direction and discovering our types can be hard. Having a particular commitment to a purpose can also be the key, but the first trust in yourself. Once you gain self-awareness, you can lean into your path. 

Entrepreneurship is like a sports team. If you know any sports team owner, they will tell you they invest in teams over ideas. Why? Because execution differentiates the winners from the also runs. Before you get into it, consider the team you can gather around you. Collaboration can be difficult nowadays. The pandemic has put a stop to the core traditional way that entrepreneurs used to come together to pursue various opportunities starting from university programs, to pitch night and Meetups. The good part of this is that personal challenges attributed to this are surmountable. There is a need for us to take charge or control a situation and be creative about finding people with whom to share ideas either remotely or in a safe in-person setting.  

Entrepreneurship is the best alternative for people now. Companies have laid off millions of workers. The government cannot bail us out; it is left to us. Yes, you will need to overcome many challenges we might face in the future, not the least among them, finding capital and talent, but there are also advantages here. 

Uwain Bennion

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