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How to Launch an Online Clothing Brand in 2021

2021 is a year projected by experts to be a season of colossal digital breakthrough. For that reason, it is only ideal that you ride on the digital wave. The search for the perfect products, identifying a color pattern that speaks to you, creating a brand that signifies your style if launching an online brand might sound like heaven to you. However, you may be wondering how you can launch a digital clothing brand? 

Before you jump into deciding on fonts or handpicking items, let’s start from the outset and discuss how you can open an online brand.  

1. Plan your online brand 

Before thinking of launching a brand, you must have a business plan. However, don’t allow the idea of a lengthy business plan to discourage you; the business plan you need may vary, based on whether you want to use it as a means to an end-to pitch for a loan or funding, or you want to use it as a guide to keeping you focused.  

2. Choose a platform for the brand.  

Once you have a well-written plan, you will need to choose a platform to start your brand. Evaluate the pros and cons of the platforms relative to your business plan. Also, consider factors such as the products you intend to sell and your online storefront’s customization. 

3. Decide on your brand name  

Ensure that you select a name that you totally love. Most importantly, ensure that it’s a name you can say confidently without feeling embarrassed; a name you can own confidently. Furthermore, before selecting a name, conduct a quick Google search to determine whether any business with the name exists. This process might take some time, so don’t rush it.  

4. Build a cohesive aesthetic style 

Now, this is the fun part image curation. Slightly similar to branding, curating your image means building a unique style for your brand by considering your ideal customers, likes, and dislikes. What pattern, colors, and style do they find pleasing. You want to ensure that they are cohesion in your product’s aesthetics telling a uniform story. 

5. Create a unique brand

Similar to building a cohesive style, focus on developing your brand. Your brand combines your cohesive product style, your preferred name, target audience, and the entire feel and look of your websites and social media channels. Is your brand girly, bubbly, and fun? Or maybe you want to go down the lane of sleek, minimalism and clean lines. It would help if you decided on that.  

6. Make your products unique  

You may have the best branding, but suppose your products don’t have the opportunity to shine; it’s all fruitless. As you make your websites visually pleasing, ensure that you showcase your products beautifully with top-notch photographs, appropriate backdrops, and lighting, and maybe, use a model.  

7. Leverage social media and brand influencers 

When it comes to marketing your products, social media is the best channel. You can take advantage of channels such as Pinterest and Instagram. Furthermore, when using social media, it is advisable to leverage fashion bloggers and other thought leaders.  

8. Determine how you want to ship products 

Lastly, set up a plan for shipping your products with a reasonable shipping fee. Note that, sometimes, exorbitant shipping fees repel customers. 

Tevrat Tayfur

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