How to Make Interesting Website Design: Tips and Tricks

The development of the digital world makes many businesses need a website design. Professional website design is proven not only successful in attracting visitors but also can provide further actions to be taken by them. There are two important things that make your website successful and able to get high amounts of traffic, namely quality content and attractive designs. In designing a website you have to consider many things, from the visual appearance (how the website looks) to the functional design (how the website works). The following are tips and tricks to create an attractive website design.
Determining the platform
You must be careful in determining the platform for your website. This will have an impact on the development of your website for the long term, both in terms of design and function. In general, there are three methods of creating a website by coding HTML and CSS, using a website builder, and utilizing a CMS (Content Management System). For beginners, choosing a website builder or CMS is the right choice. Especially, if you are using WordPress hosting. The platform is very reliable and has been used by many websites around the world.
Nowadays everyone is connected via mobile devices. The focus is what visitors see the first time they access your website. Create a mobile-friendly design that can be adapted to all mobile devices to provide a different experience for visitors who visit your website. Always do a test run on each page to maximize and see from the visitors’ point of view.
Making mockups for website design
Sketch the appearance of the design you want for your website. Making this sketch is called a mockup. You don’t have to put too much detail to create a website design mockup. Just put the elements you want to appear on the website. The mockup will serve as a visual reference when you start your website design process. You can edit and revise the website design mockup repeatedly until you are finally comfortable with the layout and appearance.
Create a design prototype
Prototyping is the process by which you build a model of your website before you build the actual website. Some designers like to design prototypes of their website designs with Photoshop. If you don’t like Photoshop, you can also use web frameworks like inVision and UXpin. With prototypes, you can find out which layouts are right and which layouts don’t need to be included and make some changes to improve the website design.
Designing navigation
Never forget the navigation settings on your website. If visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, they will easily leave your website. Therefore, you have to make navigation between pages using simple and easy-to-understand menus. This is because each visitor will enjoy a different experience when accessing your website. For example, some visitors enter through the front page and immediately want to know the price of your product, some visitors just want to know the various features that you offer, some may just want to know your business profile.
Website design is very important because it will create the first impression on people about a particular brand or business. A good website design can provide a different experience for each visitor, especially since every function on the website will affect every decision of your visitors. If you want to optimise a website for your business, consult with a design service in Singapore to produce the professional and best website for your business.