Rebranding: What Is It And Why Does Mandreel Offer It

We have all heard at some point the word branding, and it is likely that many of us already know its meaning, which in short is defined as the construction of a brand based on management strategies. However, many of the branding agencies, like, also have Rebranding services, which try to create a new look for an established business or company.

The main objective of rebranding is to influence the way the client perceives the products or services of a brand, making it present a more innovative and relevant proposal that fits the needs.

What does rebranding consist of?

When renewing an established brand this can involve a change in the name, a new logo, and modern marketing materials where innovative trends, word games, or strategies dedicated to a specific niche are employed. However, it is not only about creating a new business image but also about projecting the brand with another perspective that adds value for the consumer.

Why implement Rebranding?

Among the most common reasons found at, most companies that resort to rebranding do so for the following reasons:

  • To reposition the company and innovate its vision to demonstrate a change of focus on its products or services.
  • To differentiate the company from competitors.
  • To renew the design to attract a younger audience by expanding the scope of the business.
  • Distance the problems of the past.

Benefits of Rebranding

The rebranding also encompasses a number of benefits that can revitalize your business, but only if you do it hand in hand with a marketing or branding agency. At Mandreel we have professionals with the vision and creative thinking who can execute various strategies according to your needs.

Renew the image that projects your business

It’s not just a matter of changing what is at first sight like the name or logo, but it’s a conscious decision to improve the reputation and image of your business. By renewing your brand identity you can bring your business to life both on the outside and on the inside.

Add value to your business

Every successful brand or business has an intrinsic value of its own, thanks to the branding developed by has the particularity of giving a value proposal to your business. After all, people are more likely to pay more for a good quality product than for something that is unbranded or deficient.

Simplify a complicated offer

By having new products and services to offer, a brand also creates new logos to match these. However, by doing a general rebranding throughout the business you can avoid your users getting confused when changing logo to logo or product to product.

Reflect on your business as it evolves

When your business starts developing new products or goes to other markets, it is common for the brand to be left behind. Rebranding allows you to refresh the personality of the brand you want to be now in a precise and clear way.

It brings clarity to an acquisition

When joining two or more companies, a great challenge can arise, since they mix cultures, processes, services, and customers. So rebranding with all the linked brands can help consumers better digest the resulting new brand.