Scary Story Writing Made Easy: Tips to Write Ghost and Scary Stories

Scary story writing is concerned with the inner turmoil of your protagonist and the journey as a whole. You may create your own scary story by developing a captivating narrative concept and emphasizing the story’s atmosphere of fear and foreboding. Following that, you should adapt your scary story to be as terrifying and unsettling as possible.

Classic horror literature, whether presented as a book, novella, short story, or film, will always rely on subjects that dependably terrify the majority of people. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, zombies, serial killers, murders, and dread of the unknown are all popular subjects.

These horror motifs often devolve into clich├ęs. One disadvantage of horror’s popularity is that many horror novels and films repeat old material in unimaginative ways. However, when done effectively, scary stories can thrill viewers and often make social commentary.

1.      Create a story baseline:

To create an effective scary story, you must delve deep and write about anything strange or unpleasant that you discover. Consider what terrifies you the most. Which moment or series of events in my life made me feel nervous or apprehensive? You may then begin writing your narrative utilizing your most frightening ideas or experiences as motivation.

For instance, maybe you are terrified of losing control of reality and injuring someone dear to you. Then, you may use that dread to inspire a tale about a character who has lost his sense of reality and spun out of control.

2.      Create an imposing protagonist:

Your horror narrative will be much stronger if you have a distinctive and intriguing main character. The protagonist should also have flaws and a distinct personality. Having a captivating protagonist will help you capture your reader’s attention.

For instance, your protagonist may be a young boy going through puberty. He may have difficulty making friends and hooking up with other ladies his age in high school if he is seen as a freak or strange.

3.      Include fear element:

Your narrative should be about horror, whether violent or not, and psychological. Also, your scary narrative may include blood. You may include psychological components such as insanity, madness, mental disease, or a personal life event that resulted in a psychic breakdown. You may then bestow one of these psychological characteristics on your protagonist and write about their experiences dealing with a troubled spirit.

4.      Increase the length of your sentences:

By composing paragraphs with lengthier sentences, you might increase your readers’ tension. While periods naturally give pauses for readers to catch their breath, stretching out your sentences creates suspense for the reader. So that they may not understand until they conclude the phrase. By using such techniques, you may completely immerse the reader in your scary story, letting them experience what the protagonist feels.

5.      Create more tension via short phrases or even simply words:

While lengthy sentences may heighten the drama of scary story writing, brief one-sentence paragraphs encourage your readers to take more frequent breaths as they follow your story. By creating abrupt sentences, you may increase the suspense by causing the reader’s eyes to go faster down the page in search of the reassurance that the protagonist is safe.

6.      Specify some rules for consistency:

When you don’t take the time to establish the laws of your universe and the creatures who inhabit it, fantasy scary story writing is constantly at risk of sounding extremely arbitrary and unconvincing. So, what are the capabilities of ghosts and monsters? Are they capable of causing harm? When do they appear? How are they to be destroyed?

7.      Lastly, look for a conducive writing environment:

We can recommend you to write during nighttime… A pretty simple approach to creating the ideal writing environment. Candles are also beneficial. Perhaps you could even experiment with paper and a classic pen rather than a laptop. You can Kelam Temaram Youtube Channel to find out more.