Start Honing Your Skill with These Three Types of Graphic Design

The graphic design utilizes visual composition to solve a problem and communicate an idea. The core elements of graphic design such as typography, imagery, colour, and shape are media for communicating the messages to be conveyed. To do this cannot be done in one way, because there are several types of graphic designs and their respective areas. 

Graphic design is also a skill that needs to be trained through serious and consistent design exercises. If you have an area of ​​specialization, then it will be better because you can focus on that. There is nothing wrong either if you choose to be able to do various things, you are winning either way. In this article, you will be presented with various types of graphic designs that can be your kick starter in honing your skills. 

1. Graphic Design for Publication 

Publication is an activity carried out to voice an idea to the audience with mediums such as book publishing, newspapers publishing, magazines, flyer printing and catalogues. You may also be familiar with e-books which are now also a popular publication medium. Graphic designers who specialize in publications are closely working with editors. They work together to create layouts and define typography and artwork. This includes photographs and illustrations that may be required. Being a graphic designer in the field of publication will train your skills to communicate well. In addition, you also need to understand colour settings, printing, and of course digital publishing. 


2. User Interface (UI) Graphic Design  

User interface graphic design is a way in which users interact by using a device or application. They will access something through the screen they see. The role of graphic design here is to facilitate the interaction so that it runs smoothly. In addition, it also provides a user-friendly and comfortable experience throughout the process. 

A UI involves interaction elements such as the screen, keyboard, and touch via a touchpad or mouse. In the context of graphic design, UI design has a focus on maximizing the user experience through the designs created, the buttons, menus, pop-ups, and various other micro-interactions. The job of the UI graphic designer is also to balance the aesthetic appearance with functionality. 


3. Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design 

Today, various successful marketing and advertising campaigns are closely related to the creation of content with attractive, unique, and eye-catching designs. You can practice your skills by trying designs for Instagram feeds content templates, making project proposals with attractive graphic design illustrations, to making product animations. Usually there will be a department or division that specifically handles design for the entire product and service line of a company. It might be good news for those of you who want to work quickly after completing your studies. Now you have time to continue to hone your graphic design skills. 


How? Easy, isn’t it? Now is the time for you to practice your graphic design skills. Be creative and innovative to become a reliable graphic designer. Good luck and good luck!