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E-Commerce: A Guide to Link Building

In order to offer the best possible visibility to an e-commerce website, nothing should be left to chance when defining your SEO strategy.   Among other things, it is essential to put in place a real link building strategy, links still play a major role in the referencing of a website. Therefore, in this article, we will be providing you with […]Read More

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E-Commerce: the Most Common SEO Errors

1. Your website pages refer to an older version   One of the most common errors in an e-commerce analysis is that some page links direct the customer to an older version of the website content.   This form of malfunction has a very negative impact because:   It increases the bounce rate,   It opens you to the possibility of negative customer […]Read More

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E-commerce for Beginners: A Guide to Starting Your Online Shop

Choosing a suitable e-commerce solution   To get off to a good start, you must start by choosing your e-commerce solution correctly.   Today, many free and paid platforms exist. You will certainly find the one adapted to your needs, your skills, and your budget. To make your choice, you can also rely on comparison websites.  Managing logistics  It’s a fact: with […]Read More

Business Start-Up Tips

E-Commerce: Definition, Benefits of Online Sales and Tips for Getting

E-commerce requires financing, anticipation, and ambition   Once you have an attractive offer, you will need sufficient financing. That is to say the budget but also the skills to manage, maintain and promote your e-business.   It’s about measuring the scale and specifics of your project, what you can do and what you should delegate. You can ask yourself several questions (a non-exhaustive list):   What […]Read More

Business Start-Up Tips

E-Commerce: Definition, Benefits of Online Sales and Tips for Getting

The majority of merchants or future entrepreneurs plan to start or expand their online business.  As a high-growth sector, E-commerce has completely changed commerce and placed itself as the major competitor to traditional trade. However, it did so without cannibalizing it. On the contrary, we are now talking about an increasingly connected trade where the synergistic effects between the two are numerous. As […]Read More