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Business Start-Up Tips

How to Start a Cosmetics Business at Home?

The number of entrepreneurs who work in the beauty and cosmetics industry is impressive.  Many of them are just beginners who are learning to make products such as lotions, hair conditioners, and homemade makeup, among others.  And most of them are becoming successful right after they are launched. Why? Because starting a cosmetic business is one of […]Read More

Business Start-Up Tips

How to Go Full Entrepreneur in 2021

How can you take charge of your destiny in the long run during this period of a pandemic that has destroyed so many economies, markets, businesses, and the way we live? Waiting for challenges to come and go would not solve any problem. Waiting for government stimulus packages would still not solve the real problem […]Read More

Business Start-Up Tips

How to Get More Client in 2021

Have you ever found yourself wondering about how you can get more clients? One of the primary drivers of your business value is your customer base and value. Understanding your customers’ profitability and leveraging your customers’ lifetime value is vital for any business’s success.   That said, to increase your clients, you must continuously contact existing […]Read More

Business Start-Up Tips

E-Commerce: Definition, Benefits of Online Sales and Tips for Getting

E-commerce requires financing, anticipation, and ambition   Once you have an attractive offer, you will need sufficient financing. That is to say the budget but also the skills to manage, maintain and promote your e-business.   It’s about measuring the scale and specifics of your project, what you can do and what you should delegate. You can ask yourself several questions (a non-exhaustive list):   What […]Read More