The Basic Knowledge of UI and UX

The use of digital devices and the internet has now become a necessity. Technology continues to evolve nowadays. The need to create a display and experience in digital devices is very large in order to provide convenience and more value to users. This is why UI and UX are needed especially for digital business in Singapore. But what exactly are UI and UX?
UI and UX are often misunderstood as the same thing by many people. However, these two things are closely related. UI or user interface is a visual design of a website or application interface that is intended for users to make it looks good. In basic terms, UI will embody a pre-planned look. UI is always trying to create a display that has a high aesthetic. UI manages the layout, color selection, visual element selection, illustrations, button shapes, and typography selection.
In technology, UI refers to the design of the user interface for software, websites, or applications. The use of UI aims to facilitate usability and to improve the user experience. In website design, a good user interface is very important to turn users into potential buyers. The interface is a point where users can interact with the website they are using. A good UI design delivers the perfect mix of visual design, interaction design, and information.
A UI designer is a graphic designer who cares about aesthetics. They’re the ones who decide what the right look for the website or application will look like. The appearance of the website or application will later reflect the desired purpose, character, or personality. And a UI designer must make sure every element, small or large, blends well to create an aesthetic look.
UX or user experience is the process of making a website or application easy to use so it doesn’t confuse users. As the name suggests, the design created by the UX designer will determine the level of difficulty of the user experience or their interaction with the product.
For example, a phone with a wide screen is preferred. So the UX designer has to think about how to place the button. If the screen is wide enough, the button in the upper left corner will make it difficult for the user to reach the button with one hand. Therefore, the most optimal placement for this button is in the middle, where users can easily tap the button with their thumb. This includes the process of acquiring and integrating products, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and functionality.
Based on what they do, a UX designer is a person who creates useful products and visualises user flow into great and beautiful product designs. Creating wireframes or designing mockups is one of the basic skills that a UX designer should have. The UX designer will work closely with other teams to find common ground between user needs, business goals, and technological advancements. This will be turned into a product that is meaningful, useful, and fun. The design will determine the ease or difficulty of the user experience or interaction with the website or application. 
That’s only a small part of a UX designer’s job. Keep in mind, though, that a designer must find common ground between user needs and business goals. Therefore, it’s a good idea for a UX designer to also learn a little about marketing and data analytics. Not only that, but a UX designer must also keep up with technological developments to maximize the design results. And also because a designer designs for users, the UX designer also understands at least a little bit about user behavior and user research. Being a UX designer isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.