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Tips for applying Food Safety Level 1 Certification

Do you want to know how to apply for Food Safety Level 1, then this post is for you. A lot of providers offer training courses on food safety at a price that is affordable. So, how do you get the proper training program?

First you have to understand what Food Safety Level 1 is. It is a government requirement. It is a certification that has a course that tells food service workers the fundamentals of work safety, sanitation and food handling. At least one employee in a firm needs to take this certification.

How do you get this certification?

Find an experienced provider who worked with food establishments, businesses and restaurants. Find providers with good ratings from the last clients to enable you get customer service of high quality, with learning experience that’s smooth.

Find food safety expert

What qualifies instructors online? Find people that had a role in programs like Food Safe BC Level of British Columbia, including problem-solving, marketing and content creation.

Go for innovative lessons

Some programs offer an efficient user-experience. Go for sites that offer efficient user-experience for their users. You can get online classes encouraged by extensive research and modern technology that makes your learning experience comfortable.

Do not use invalid certifications

Get a reliable certification approved by  the provincial government, health departments and health inspectors. Do not waste your time on certificates that are not accepted by provincial authorities.

Other Things To Know

A work safety, sanitation and  food handling course is for front line food service workers and food service establishment operators like deliworkers, dishwashers, bussers, servers and cooks. It is course that is relevant for  the worker and food safety like sanitising, cleaning, serving food, preparing, storing and reviewing food and food borne illness. The classroom is about 8 hours and is an online program. Its certificate is valid for 5 years.

Taking the course in a classroom

This course is offered in classrooms across private training companies, community centres, universities and colleges. The fee of the course varies according to the location. You can provide the people with a workbook on the class. If you need a bilingual exam or workbook in a different language, make some arrangement online. Some extra fees may be applicable for the rest of the language workbooks.

Taking the course online

This course makes use of a hosting service and a learning management system. It is a course that offers content in a methodical and organised way, with gradual instructional process that encourages an approach to safety. 

Food safety online instructors are food safety experts that answer questions and help students online.

How long does this take?

It takes about 1 to 20 days to finish the course and write the last exam. With an exam  supervisor, you can get an invigilator that will meet you when the day ends. However finish the practice quizzes and go through the course materials. The last exam you can take in English costs $115.

Distance education

You can take this course too through distance learning at your pace for between 2 weeks to 6 months. You can get a certification in 2 weeks and complete the course in 6 months. The fee is $105 for handling and shipping of materials and GST. Firms that want to register for only 1 employee can get in touch with a HR. This will give them the workbook only, with handling and shipping costs.

Dave Castillo

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