Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design come in various types. When you hear the word ‘graphic design’, your first thought on that are mobile applications and web design. You think of brochures, business cards, brand identity and packaging design. Graphic design is a form of visual interpretation of an idea, conveyed from one person to another. So it is a form of communication. Graphic design is now an essential, part of today’s world, from making logos, cards and so on, with the use of aesthetics. Each type of  graphic design involves  particular design techniques and skills. This post tells you the types of graphic design and they are below:

Environmental graphic design

Environmental graphic design informs people about places and help to improve their experience. This helps people to navigate such places since it tells them something about the environment. It can take the form of retail store interiors, public transportation, navigation and office branding. Environmental graphic design  has various disciplines like industrial design, landscape, interior, and architectural. Collaboration can take place for implementing and planning designs. Such designers can sketch and read architectural plans. 

Motion graphic design

This is another type of design and there is an increasing demand of such designers among firms. This is because many firms have to display their services and products using short animations. You can use animations in subtitles, animated texts, banners, applications and video games. 3D graphic design is such design and is among the most popular. Graphic designers use animation techniques of feats and lighting to produce motion graphic design.

Packaging graphic design

This is the type for selling, distributing and storing products. You can use it to communicate to your customers directly. Graphic designers can use this to make print-ready files and develop mockups and concepts. Packaging involves innovation so that customers can distinguish between one product and another.

Publication graphic design

In early times, people use the print for information and news. The print industry makes a lot of prints like catalogs, magazines, newspapers and books. Today digital printing is taking over. Ebooks are now available online and a lot of people now do their shopping online. Graphic designers help with illustrations, graphics and photography.

Web design

This is another type of graphic design. User Experience and User Interface are factors in producing web design. The way a user interacts with an application or device is called User Interface (UI), while  the experience of a user is the User Experience (UX). Graphic designers work to improve both the User Experience ( UX) and the user interface (UI) of a website.

Advertising and marketing design

This kind of design is for marketing services or products. It takes time management to produce marketing and advertising designs. Graphic designers should know the brand of their products and services. Advertising and marketing design are for marketing professionals,  managers, directors and company owners. These firms have a particular budget for such marketing and advertising.

Visual identity graphic design

Brand identity is essential for every business. Visual elements communicate colours, shapes and images which are tangible qualities. Graphic designers make image libraries, colour palettes, topography and logos for such campaigns. Graphic designers have general knowledge of all forms of graphic design for making elements.