What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a modern method of printing that makes use of technological mechanism. This mechanism lets it print faster and more efficiently. More items can be printed with digital printing. Digital printing is available online today. This post tells you what is digital printing.

Defining digital printing

Digital printing is a method of printing that uses computation to print with digital printers. With digital printing, one tells the computer what to print. This method uses an image that prints directly on the chosen surface.

How digital printing works?

This method of printing is different from the use of litho printing, that uses wet ink, transferring the image with printing plates. It is a method of printing that uses another approach and gathers the images making them ready for printing, using compound formulas and numbers. You can capture the images from pixels and use the digitalised image for replicating the image and controlling the exposure, toner and ink. Digital printers are mainly composed of toner-based and ink jet printers. It is a printer that makes your image by mapping out ink drops. Digital printers are mainly toner-based or inkjet printers. Ink droplets are used on the surface of the paper. This makes dots to be lesser than the inkjet and then dries it.

What are the advantages of digital printing?

Faster and less costlier

Printing are less costlier and faster process. You can print faster using a digital method of printing, litho printing prints a smaller quantity. It is suitable for printing in smaller quantities.

Less image distortion

This kind of printing prints with a higher quality using an image with lesser resolution. It is a method of printing that developed from the earlier printer, because of the non-contact printing, allowing for a small distortion of the images. The print finish is precise and sharp. Litho printing has a finished product that is softer.


This printing process is suitable for direct mail marketing like brochures, leaflets, flyer and greeting cards printing.

Time saving

Digital printing saves time compared to other forms of printing. This system uses an electronic system to put at a faster rate, something not obtainable before the advent of printing technology. It is a printer that prints after uploading a high-res file of an image. This is suitable for a marketing campaign.

Engaged in developing process

With the increasing awareness of the digital printing method, the technique is undergoing transformation or development. As this method of printing becomes more efficient, it is improving and adapting too. It has faster turn around, fewer communication and time.

What is the difference between digital printing and offset printing?

This method of printing is different from other types of printing like offset printing, because it does not involve using printing plates. It is a system that prints directly from the substrate of a media, in place of metal plates in transferring the image. This method of printing evolves faster and is advancing constantly. It is an advancement that delivers a print quality. This kind of printing has various advantages and they include:

i) Fast turnaround

ii) Print on demand

iii) Variable data printing, otherwise called (VDP).

What are the digital printers you can choose?

There are various digital machines that you can use for your print on demand business. Example of such printers are continuous feed printers, production inkjet, cut-sheet digital presses and sheet-fed production machines. Digital printing is currently undergoing evolution.