What is Entrepreneurship

 What is Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the analysis of the process of creating new companies, as well as the actual creation of these companies. It is also an expression of the behavior of an entrepreneur who is always looking for new ideas and turning them into an opportunity for profit, while simultaneously dealing with the threats facing the company.

In short, an entrepreneur is someone who has an idea and works to build a company through which he can produce a specific product or service and sell it to people.

The importance of specializing in the field of entrepreneurship: –

One of the most prominent benefits that accrue to a specialist in many areas in university studies or what follows from postgraduate studies is the acquisition of specialized knowledge in a specific field, and an attempt to integrate what he learns during university and post-university studies into the functional reality so that academic knowledge is reflected into a professional reality. Effective impact and the discipline of entrepreneurship is the beating career heart in the business environment, and accordingly many modern trends are adopted in the environment of major economic projects, and the benefits of specialization in the field of entrepreneurship can be highlighted through the following:

  • The development of the psychological aspect: where specialization in the field of entrepreneurship helps the owner to have an initiative and influence the surrounding environment, and he has a greater ability to motivate himself in the first place and to transfer this positive motivation to the surrounding professional environment.
  • Development of thinking skills: One of the most important benefits of specializing in entrepreneurship is that it acquires the individual the ability to develop creative thinking related to the field of business, thus becoming more able to find solutions to problems in the professional environment so that these solutions are appropriate to the current and expected economic changes and conditions.
  • Promoting the marketing aspect: The concept of entrepreneurship is not limited to the administrative side only. Entrepreneurship is an integrated concept concerned with the marketing side, and how to improve the sales performance of the entire business process so that the increase in the monthly and annual sales operations leads to an increase in profit.
  • Enhancing research and development skills: Entrepreneurship specialization is concerned with enhancing the ability of individuals to research causal relationships, reflecting effects on results, and researching and improving shared values based on well-thought-out action plans that take into account all departments and sectors in the project or the relevant organization.
  • Development of investment skills: Entrepreneurs always seek to seize and monitor the opportunities that benefit the existing project, and entrepreneurs also target opportunities related to new projects that can have a good return on investment in the short or long term, and here comes the role of entrepreneurship specialization in promoting Investment skills, and making comparisons between previous investment models in order to predict results in subsequent investment periods.
  • Developing commercial capabilities: The development of skills related to the commercial aspect in projects is directly reflected in the existing or future projects, so that the entrepreneur has a greater ability to understand the progress of the business process in various sectors, in addition to knowing the most prominent commercial issues and the theories related to it. Entrepreneurship is to increase knowledge of all of that and to establish some commercial concepts in the entrepreneur’s mind to have a link in the commercial reality after completing university or post-university education in the field of entrepreneurship.