Why Materials and The Shape of Stickers Are Important

Surely you are no longer foreign to stickers, right? Yes, a sticker is an object that one side can be glued to a surface. Usually, the sticker serves to label the products you have. The content of the label contains the product name, composition, and various other useful information for consumers. For example, consumers may want products that are gluten-free or vegan. 

There are various types of stickers that you can use on your products. the use of this sticker needs to be considered properly because you don’t want to use stickers carelessly. Both in terms of size, type, the material used, and others. Sticker materials such as chromo have slippery properties and are very strong to stick to a surface. But also, this sticker is very easy to fade, especially when exposed to sunlight. Stickers with chromo material are usually suitable for use indoors. 

Another type of sticker material is vinyl that are not easily damaged. In contrast to chromo, vinyl stickers are suitable for outdoor use and are resistant to hot weather and direct sunlight. There are many other types of sticker material that may be suitable for you to use with various considerations such as where the sticker will be installed. 

In addition to considering the material, you also need to consider the shape and function of the sticker itself. You can use it for various purposes such as packaging with a flat or wavy surface. You can also use it on glass surfaces such as glass jars and others. Not only glass cups, but also you can stick them on a flat glass surface. Indoors or outdoors with various customizations on the material you use. 

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the content on the sticker. Due to the circular shape, you need to make the information on the sticker follow a round shape if it is long enough. If not, then you can make one to three words with a horizontal writing format. As with the circular sticker shape, you can use a rectangular sticker or any shape you like. Adjusted to the needs, again, you need to consider how the arrangement of information will be made on the sticker. 

Based on these things, it is quite clear why it is important for you to determine what kind of sticker you want to use. This also has an impact on how engaging and eye-catching the stickers you put on the products you sell. Another consideration when you send a job for sticker printing is the design and colour combination. If your target market is children, then you may need to use vibrant colours. The use of other colours is closely related to colour psychology which influences buyer behaviour. So, it is crucial the things mentioned above when you make a sticker. 

Now you know the considerations you need to make when you want to use the type of material and the shape of the sticker to be used. It’s time for you to make a sticker now, good luck!